To transform is to awaken. At the Xcceleration Station we only feature training tools and techniques designed to awaken your most powerful body. We call it our xccelerated style because we know that you thrive when you are out enjoying life to the fullest, not attached to any machine or mat.

At T-X-S we embrace modern living with modern solutions. We proudly spotlight the innovative and the effective. We weed out the fads and the hype so that you don’t have to. We pursue results faster so that you, not your workouts, stand on the center stage in your life.

Featuring the in-demand conditioning system known as Foundation Training, which produces incredible results in incredible speed, we offer the remedy to the time-obstacles of your modern lifestyle.  Additionally, T-X-S is proud to be one of the few facilities in the world that features a certified Foundation Training instructor who is also a  member of their official certification team.  We are committed to doing the work, being out in front and collaborating with the inspired so that our xccelerators get results.


T-X-S originated the combining of Foundation Training with the amazing Power Plate in what we call the T-X-S advantage, ensuring incredible results.

An authorized Power Plate center, T-X-S is home to three Pro7s, the most sophisticated Power Plate to date. The Pro7 increases muscle response, speed, strength and endurance - all without changing weights or load on the body. Say goodbye to counting pounds, reps and sets. Just your body performing at it’s best.  

From pain to performance, inaction to action, doubt to confidence in unparalleled xcceleration style.

Combined, Foundation Training and Power Plate live up to the T-X-S motto: Results. Faster.

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