A butterfly does not begin life as a butterfly.  On the contrary, caterpillars experience life until they reach a point where a radical transformation is required. We don't look at the caterpillar and think it needs to be healed.  It isn't broken, wounded, injured, incomplete or a victim of being a caterpillar. It is simply and naturally becoming something more. Similarly, Xccelerating your Life is about self-transformation in precise alignment with your own expansion. This process begins with the most important truth: you are enough. The time for transforming is not a measurement of needing healing; rather, it is simply the next evolutionary step for you.

This path often appears when we feel that our life no longer reflects who we've become and we begin seeking significant life changes. We consider more fulfilling work, relationships, environments and purpose. Consider the Xccelerate your Life experience when you are ready to become that expanded, greater you.


Reconnective Healing®, The Reconnection® and PSYCH-K® all facilitate this level of transformation through energy work. It's about non-judgement, and honoring that only you could ever become the butterfly that you are meant to be. The freedom that comes in experiencing your wholeness will xccelerate your experience of wellbeing, happiness and results like no other. Both the Xccelerate your Body and Xccelerate your Mind pathways contribute to the process of Xccelerating your Life. All release old patterns, build new ones and create a stronger, smarter, self-empowered you.

And, this work transcends faster, expanding what you and those around you believe is possible. It can resolve life challenges in an instant, and result in you transforming the very environments you spend time in – suddenly you are the beacon in your family, your office and your community. Body, mind, and life working in harmony.  

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