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Results Faster 10 packs are active for 15 days. Single, 3 and 6 packs are active for one year. Additional Membership pricing available. At T-X-S we recognize consistency and dedication are part of achieving results faster. For more direct results, personal training memberships are created in six week cycles.  These membership are an exceptionally effective way to keep you focused and successful. 

Class Descriptions


The Xcceleration Station offers group classes in Foundation Training and Power Plate and our exclusive T-X-S Foundation Class, the only fusion of Foundation Training and Power Plate.

All Power Plate classes are taught in our Ground Level studio on the beautiful Pro7 Power Plates and are limited to semi-private environment of only three attendees. Classes are either 25 or 40 minutes in length and are an exceptional way to get your results.

Foundation Training and Xccelerated Stretching classes are taught in our beautiful Cloud Level studio. Nestled in the tree tops, Foundation Training classes are performed on mats, similar to yoga or pilates, and are limited to 8 students. Home to the Foundation Moving Meditation, a 40 minute mind and body workout that employs specific neuroplasticity exercises to facilitate optimal body/mind changes.  This class develops the ability to work under highly stressful states while remaining calm, relaxed and focused. Unlike any class out there, once you try it, we're sure you'll agree that these skills will transform your life.

Xccelerated Stretching classes combine the innovation of stretching muscles from their shortest length outward with the understanding that facial lines in the body coordinate with the meridian highways in the body, the system that acupuncturists work with. These stretches not only open up long held limitations in your physical body but your mind and personal expression as well.