Got Stress?

Though it's popular to proclaim stress is a validation of social contribution, we know that it's not how stressed you are that defines your place in the world, but how masterful you are at using stress to transform your perception of your life, making it an advantage to you and those around you. During a biofeedback session, your current stress responses are retrained in real time, facilitating deep relaxation and the return to your center. Moving from unfocused to focused, stressed to relaxed, anxious to calm, irritated to accepting, regret to forgiveness, less healthy to vital, powerless to powerful.

Biofeedback is the most scientifically validated method for bringing mind/body awareness to a practical level, addressing and correcting stress as both an acute physiological response and a chronic contribution to degeneration. More simply, engaging both the physics and physiology of our clients we achieve wellness and vitality results faster.

The real value of this work comes with an understanding that stress is now implicated as a direct cause of 90% of every known condition. We take stress seriously because it has serious consequences. Standard treatment of disease often does not address the underlying stressor, only the expression, or symptom, of that stressor. Correction of the stress response is essential to experiencing health. Everything else is a variation on disease.

Consider health as ease of flow, like fluids, nutrients, information. Small stress produces small blockages of flow and chronic stress produces long held blockages of flow. Nature intended our physiological stress response be very brief and reserved for acute situations. It is not designed to be chronically active, much less a way of life. Retraining stress allows vital energies to return to their natural flow state, become available once again for other functions such as regeneration, digestion, immunity, cognitive power, well-being.  

To the question: "Got Stress?" Our clients answer: "Transformed it. Next."