Just Breathe!

It sounds simple enough.  If you’re reading this article you’ve likely accomplished this simple task some 20,000 times every day, drawing in 12 breaths a minute. All of this is required to complete one cycle of oxygenated blood around the body and back to the heart, which takes approximately 7 minutes.  And we’ll do this over and over again each and every day.  At least, we hope we do.  Beyond being the liaison between our internal and external environment, our breath is also capable of changing our state of being by speeding our respiration or slowing it way down, each causing a cascade of influence which ultimately we experience in our state, or mood.  Deep breaths create a different mood than shallow breathes and the range between these two can be much bigger than you think. Our lungs are capable of holding up to seven pints of air on a fully expanded breathe but so much of the time we’re only holding about one pint of air. And this is only our lungs’ contribution to our breath.

Consider that the lining of our noses house 800 million nerve endings.  Clearly an integral way that we relate to our environment these nerve endings are the gateway to essential oil vapors imparting their information to our entire nervous system.  Did you know there is a lobe of our brain, directly influenced by these nerve endings, that only interacts with our sense of smell?  And this lobe is our emotional control center. This might explain why some emotions cannot be transformed through mere words and intention alone.  Smell is essentially vibration and vibrations are signatures, or keys.  Each key fits a particular lock.  Sometimes the journey is discovering the key for that lock, as we do in an AromaDome session.  But essential knowing that the key is in the breath and the vibration of smell.

Influencing each of these nerve endings and our emotional center, deep breathing with essential oils is not only capable of expanding your oxygenation potential of your lungs and blood but to speak directly to our emotion control center.  Not with words. But with your breathe.

Explore more about creator Julie Chetow’s own journey in her book AromaDome Changing Lives One Breath at a Time.