More Than Vibration

As we age and take on more sedentary lifestyles a large part of our muscle system begins to atrophy. Formerly the only way to condition this kind of muscle performance was through intense conditioning like plyometrics, boxing, jumping and sprinting.  Now you can recruit that level of muscle activation while virtually standing still.

Power Plate is a tool, not a movement technique, freeing us to use any movement pattern like Foundation Training, yoga, Pilates, dance, traditional exercise or no movement at all.  This makes for an incredibly efficient experience as Power Plate sessions range from only 25-45 minutes.

Stronger, faster muscles require more caloric support so our clients experience changes in body fat composition while improving power, bone density, circulation and lymph drainage. At T-X-S we take full advantage of all these benefits. Incredible strength and profound changes are what you will experience.  

What is Power Plate?:  A platform that you stand, lie, sit or rest upon that moves 30-50 times per second in three directions, almost invisible to the naked eye. The effect is a feeling of amplified gravity on the body, increasing force without having to use weights, resistance bands or other load.  

Does the Power Plate shake your brain?:  Absolutely not. Power Plate is the leader in this technology because they control these kinds of movements after years of study and results. The plates moves vertically between 2 and 4 millimeters only. Vertical displacement is a critical consideration for the gravitational effects. Xcceleration training is not merely vibration. Xcceleration training is everything vibration training is plus everything vibration training isn't. Precisely engineered. Safe. Effective.    

Who was Power Plate technology designed for?: Originally designed to condition cosmonauts for zero gravity environments in space it was discovered that it made bones, connective tissue and muscles much stronger and slower to atrophy.   

Why try Power Plate?:  You cannot mimic the results that come from Power Plate without excessive training using speed training like sprints, high impact work like boxing and plyometrics and bodywork like massage and other lymph circulating modalities. Aligning with T-X-S principles, Power Plates facilitate these results in record time in a safe and controlled environment. 25 minute sessions are likened to no less than one hour of training. That's what we call results faster.

Watch this inspiring testimonial from Dale, a breast cancer survivor left with severe lymphodema. That is, before Power Plate.