When Awareness Becomes Connection

Light, energy and information are all around and constantly evolving us. Most of us are so familiar with these concepts yet are not aware that these same forces can be used to facilitate a reconnection of specific "points" and "lines" of our body with lines on the planet and outward into the grid of our Universe, acceleration the interconnectivity of life.

Where Reconnective Healing® is intended to be general and non-directed, The Reconnection® is about reconnecting specific aspects of our energetic system (meridian lines in acupuncture) to the larger energy lines on planet Earth, called axiatonal lines. It is the process of realigning with these axiatonal lines in their most powerful and evolved way. These lines then connect to the larger universal grid system, providing a gateway to what we may experience as connection, or a reconnection with all lifeforms. Many people describe stronger connections with not only people but animals, nature, non-physical forces and more.

The Reconnection® is performed one time only in a client's life, happening as two sessions within three days. One night's sleep must occur between the two sessions, these sessions are performed hands off so clients are always fully clothed. The room is quiet, free from music, scents or distracting lights and clients keep their eyes closed so that they may rest their visual system and tune into their expanded sensory systems. The practitioner moves anywhere from a few inches to many feet away from the client as space appears to allow for more exchange.

The energetic frequencies experienced in The Reconnection® have been scientifically observed not only to affect our DNA, but to reconnect DNA stands. In some studies, DNA entropy (the process of degeneration into decay) was significantly altered, even to the point of genetic correction. There is now a developing theory that The Reconnection® may in fact be demonstrating new levels of reality.

More information can be found at TheReconnection.com.

Disclaimer: Chad Allen, The Xcceleration Station, The Reconnection®, LLC and anyone associated with this work, inclusive of, but not limited to The Reconnection® and/or Reconnective Healing® make no specific claims, promises or guarantees, and are neither diagnosing nor treating any specific health challenges. Clients are solely responsible for seeking and consulting medical care with appropriate licensed healthcare providers. Please do not change or discontinue any medical therapy without first seeking the advice of your prescribing physicians. When providing this work, Chad Allen is serving SOLELY as your practitioner of Reconnective Healing® or the The Reconnection® and not as your medical provider.