Foundation Training

Creator and original founder Dr. Eric Goodman shares his passion for Foundation Training.

Foundation Training is the method that T-X-S embraces as the must-know-antidote for pain and performance complaints, and it's the remedy to the time constraints and immobility of our modern lifestyle. Foundation Training is a system that anyone and everyone can learn and utilize from first introduction. A self-empowerment tool that is refined, practical and highly effective.


Learn to feel that empowerment from the inside out the very first time you try it. It begins with a bonafide change in perspective on how the body is designed to perform, and it’s further achieved through simple adjustments that ignite deeply seated postural support. No complicated choreography, no long lists of exercises or equipment to acquire. Just your body, as it was designed to work, as chains of muscles working together, rather than muscles working in isolation.  Everyone deserves that kind of power. 


Internet health expert Dr. Joseph Mercola states in his “Four Core Exercises You Must Know” article:

“I believe Foundation Training may offer the best of all worlds in terms of building a strong core, eliminating back pain, and promoting optimal health that goes beyond fitness. It also decreases your risk of exercise injury.”

We couldn’t agree more.

At T-X-S we xccelerate results by putting the Founder atop Power Plates and by creating the innovative T-X-S Moving Meditation and Foundation Training Essentials experience. Our xccelerators are sure glad we did.
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What is Foundation Training? Literally the most natural way of moving the human body.  If you have a human body, you are designed to do these movements.  Awakening this innate potential through simple positions and movements, formerly untapped power and strength become your new natural state. 

Who originated Foundation Training? Dr. Eric Goodman

Why do Foundation Training? Foundation training quickly ignites natural, though often dormant, postural signals that integrate muscle chains. This means effort and tension quickly become distributed among all the muscles that execute powerful posture, not relying on and exhausting only a few. This results in a true powerful core and posture that allows for ease in your daily life and powerful performance.  

What is the experience like?  We teach Foundation Training in both group class format, featuring the T-X-S exclusive 'Moving Meditation Class' as well as one-on-one private instruction. Using muscles as integrated systems allows for faster sessions with greater results. Privates are 25 or 45 minutes and group classes are 55 minutes of transformation. Additionally, our private sessions often utilize the Power Plate technology for deeper, reflexive muscle development.

Whether you take our traditional class style Foundation Training or the full xccelerator approach on Power Plates, you are sure to experience a huge leap in conditioning. 


Group Classes

* Results Faster 10 packs are active for 15 days. Single, 3 and 6 packs are active for one year.
** Additional Membership pricing available


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