At The Xcceleration Station creating, facilitating, and witnessing transformation is where it all happens. It is both the physical location where we support our clients as well as the point of view, philosophy, method and mission that propels us to discover and create tools, technologies and resources for an xccelerated life.

We created the word xcceleration to characterize energy with movement and direction, freed from inertia, routine and patterns. Xcceleration illustrates purpose, efficiency, grace and power. It's faster, it's effective and it's yours. 

T-X-S is the platform that we use to elevate and xccelerate transformation of your body, your mind and your life. Transformation is our highest goal because we know that when you transform yourself you literally become the change you seek in the world, providing evidence and inspiration to all those around you. Life expands and becomes more. 

“X” = you at T-X-S. You are the X factor we proudly call an xccelerator. At T-X-S we believe in you, we elevate you and we xccelerate you. Explore our three transformation icons: Xccelerate your Body, Xccelerate your Mind, Xccelerate your Life. Choose one then integrate them all. Connection and integration are more than steps. They become experiences of their own and transformation is the result.

At TXS expect results. Faster.


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