Light Therapy

Enjoy Dr. Saputo's brief description of two of the light spectrums we utilize at TXS:

Light affects our biology and the ways we feel. And it can be manipulated in countless ways to inspire different moods and states. For example, a darkened candlelit restaurant creates the classic romantic mood, while full-spectrum lit office buildings serve to enhance productivity. Used popularly in dermatology, dentistry, ophthalmology, pain management and surgeries of all kinds, light creates change in the body. At TXS we use it to xccelerate transformation.

One of the most comfortable and least invasive supports you can experience, light bands penetrate muscles, nerves, skin, blood, bones and DNA while warming, soothing and restoring.  Use before or after a training session to achieve deep relaxation, revitalize, or xccelerate performance and recovery times in only 20 minutes. We invite you to "lighten up" and enjoy the transformational power of light.

Though science is only just beginning to understand the full health benefits of light, at T-X-S we aim to be on the forefront. Xccelerate recovery. Xccelerate health. Xccelerate anti-aging.
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What is Light Therapy?  Popularly called cold-level laser therapy, different ranges of light (red, infra-red, and blue) are scientifically reported to increase blood flow, increase nitric oxide in the body, ease inflammation, stimulate countless cellular functions such as mitochondrial output, our energy makers, enzyme regulation, synthesis, repair and increase collagen and elastin proteins, optimizing immunity, lymphatic movement and anti-aging.

How is the light administered? Light pads of varying size are used to cover areas of desired effect. This might include large areas like the back or abdomen as well as joints, smaller skin areas and the face. Some pads contain as many as 126 LEDs, others 72 and some only 9. We may also use small devices referred to as wands or hand-held units where the intensity of the light is more of a factor than volume of light.   

What makes this light therapy specific? The light is controlled and monitored by a central processing device that imprints information on the light, very similar to how information is sent through blue laser light to create a blue-ray disk. The light is used to imbedd the sound and visual information as well as the data menu and functions. The actual laser light is the same from blue-ray to blue-ray; however, it is the information that changes. Each program is specifically chosen to elicit the most xccelerated results.

Are these lasers the same as those used for cutting and burning? The light emitted by these devices is not columnated. Essentially they are not directed through a focused lens for the purpose of refining the light to a pin point for precise cutting or burning. The light is purposefully diffuse, like the Sun in your garden. If allowed to be diffuse, a tremendous amount of photosynthesis takes place. If refracted through a lens, the benefits are received by a smaller area. This also keeps the experience of the light for optimized wellbeing and not for treatment of specific conditions.  

What is the experience of Light Therapy like? One of the most comfortable and least invasive supports you can experience, different light bands penetrate muscles, nerves, skin, mitochondria, blood and bones while warming, soothing, vitalizing and restoring these tissues. Most commonly, clients experience sessions lying down with light over the eyes, creating a deeply relaxing experience. 



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