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* Results Faster 10 packs are active for 15 days. Single, 3 and 6 packs are active for one year. Additional Membership pricing available.


The Xcceleration Station is committed to the transformation of our members. It is how we evaluate and design our client programs. If we aren't doing something for the purpose of transforming, why are we doing it?

A deep look at our body/mind/life complex reveals that what we mostly seek to change are our patterns, rather than isolated parts of those patterns. Change occurs when we successfully build new relationships with our environment, our food, our work, our family, our perceptions of ourselves, as well as with our very transformation. 

To serve these relationships best, T-X-S services are most effective in a membership format. While each of our services have the potential to be life changing in a single experience, whether we are capable of allowing that transformation in a single session is unknown. While each service is offered on its own (see per session pricing below) integrating services and approaches with dedication and commitment are how we get results faster.

Memberships are customized, eliminating undo trial and error and overlooking key opportunities. Memberships are also time specific, beginning at six weeks or more, depending on the goals.

Our greatest potential comes with the realization that there is no proverbial "ceiling" when it comes to optimal health. No one has ever discovered that a person has set the standard on the ultimate state of health. At T-X-S we acknowledge that our own transformation contributes to the transformation of our environment and life itself. Our individual investment contributes to the outcome of the whole, giving how much time we are willing to dedicate to our transformation new purpose and value.



Sample Memberships

Following are some examples of what a 6 week membership can include: Please note these are example programs and rates. All memberships are customized for each member. Please contact us for a personalized membership to achieve your goals.  See per service prices below. 



T-X-S Example Package 1:

6 weeks of Program Design
3X/week- Power Plate Private Sessions
followed by 20 minute Zen-frame training
2X Advanced Biofeedback Stress Assessment/Training



T-X-S Example Package 2: 

6 weeks of Program Design:
2X/week- Power Plate Private Sessions
followed by 20 minute Light therapy
3X PSYCH-K Balances


Example: Power Plate Only 

6 weeks of Program Design
3X/week-30 minute Power Plate Private Sessions

6 weeks of Program Design:
2X/week-45 minute Power Plate Private Sessions


Example: Add-ons 

3 Reconnective Healing Sessions
1X Biofeedback Session


Example: Partner Services 

1X/week Group Pilates/Tower Class
1X Body Session at The Sterkenburg Effect


It is perfectly natural to explore each our services to see which ones you resonate with. For that reason each service is also available as a single session to allow for curiosity and creativity when finding the right combination for you.