I have been putting off writing this testimonial because I honestly felt I would never be able to find the right words that quite justify what Chad's work does, and how it has changed my life. 

I started working with Chad for Power Plate. Based on Chad's approach and teaching, Power Plate quickly became my regular practice of choice. 

During my early time with Chad, I was introduced to biofeedback. This treatment and again Chad's approach literally turned my life around. It helped me to focus my anxieties. Feel more grounded, focused, centered and present. This had been something I was worried I may never feel. While loving my life I felt off center. After having two children I had forgotten who I was and what was important to me. What Chad did was work with all his resources in an exact way that brought me back to center. He helped me to know that I had control of my life and my decisions. He helped me build my confidence so much that I felt empowered to change my career path.

I will have Chad in my life for the rest of my days. He is my Buddha. My mentor. My safe place. I thank him and his practices for everything I have developed since we started working together.


"You're bone on bone; a hip replacement is in your future."" There's no movement, the leg is stuck. I think you should have the surgery." Was this my future at 50 years old? Yep, it was. Not good. What is good.... I didn't listen to them.  

I'm hands on when it comes to my health and I wasn't having surgery until every stone had been turned, no matter what the "experts" said, and my reasoning was sound. Massage gave me temporary relief and so did pilates and yoga. The issue had nothing to do with me being 'bone on bone' in my hip; this was a deep muscle issue and I needed to get in there. The limp was like an anchor, ruining my life.  And as they say, "when you are at your lowest point, a light will shine." There it was... right there on Google: TheXccelerationStation.com

I called- immediately he called right back! Off to a great start! I set a date, took my first class and immediately signed up for 18 sessions on the spot! I've found my salvation. I fondly refer to him as "Vibro-Man", my superhero! Most folks call him Chad, but whatever the name, because of his knowledge and the power of the Power Plate, I am on the path to a normal life. I don't have to wonder if it was worth my money.  I'm walking proof that it is." 


In my 50's, I started seeing Chad for quantum biofeedback as part of my quest to feel better than I did, to stop or slow down my body's breaking down. It has been an incredible journey. I've been weened off three medications I thought I would have to take for the rest of my life. I feel good all day and have developed an awareness of what my body is telling me.

Now with the addition of Amazon herb products, I feel better than I ever thought i could. The Amazon herb products I've tried (and I've tried most of them) do exactly what the company says they do, and with amazing results. thank you Chad!

- Bob


Good News! Doctor went in yesterday and found that the nodule has gone away and most of the damage has healed. No surgery needed!

I am so happy all our efforts worked. I will be back to teaching soon, with more awareness of my voice. I really love your work and would like to continue. I will schedule another appointment soon.

Thank you so much.

- Ken

I had two Reconnection Healing® sessions w/ Chad.  I had been going through a rough time more on the emotional tip at that point and you could say it was my 'focus' of sorts.  It was however, my understanding that you would get the healing you needed.  I like that, how it takes the pressure and responsibility off my shoulders.  Which, interestingly enough is one of the things I experienced.  I've had shoulder issues for the last couple years and was reminded of that when the right shoulder down to my fingertips 'lit up' on fire(figuratively).  I'm used to just dealing w/ it and the pain on my right side had been gaining some momentum again.  That,  thankfully has been receding since our session.  I would like to mention awareness and thoughtful choices regarding balance and pressure I use w/ my shoulders has been consistently more mindful since our session as well. 

Two other things I would like to mention that made quite an impression on me were: 1) An uncontrollable movement w/ my eyes (2nd session mostly) and 2) An immense pressure in my head right at the start of both sessions.  During the first session it felt relieved after a flurry of emotion and personal garbage that felt like it was fighting its way out and released through tears.  In the second session w/ the intense pressure in my head building, it felt like someone was 'brushing' between my eyes w/ their finger.  Then,  here is what rocked my world...I had a spontaneous, full out opening of my sinuses.  Now,  this may not seem like a big deal to you however, to me.....I HARDLY EVER am able to breathe through my nose.  Unless you stuff horseradish up it or I get a big ol hit of wasabi.  With that,  I experienced an incredibly relaxing, melting calm.  All I could think after that was, 'yes, let it heal.'  I think its worth it to mention I have been quite aware and more conscious of some changes w/ my thoughts and perceptions since.  And,  about a week later I looked up SINUS in Louise Hay's book "You Can Heal Your Life".  Sinus= irritation to one person, someone close.  This......was my original 'focus' i was intending w/ my sessions truth be told.   To help me shift my focus, help me be more graceful and understanding.  It has proved to be powerful beyond measure.  Miraculous really.  Immense shift.

- Katie

I really didn't know what to expect when I went for my Reconnective Healing® session, but I was curious and fascinated by what I had heard about it.  The session itself was very pleasant.  I had different sensations of tingling and heat, but it was so relaxing that I kept drifting away.  Not to sleep, but just away.  Afterwards I felt great.  Generally euphoric as if all was right in my world.  I had had several issues with my hand and arm, and after the session I was really feeling it.  It was like a pulsing sensation.  I had to go to work, and I forgot about it, and when I thought about it later it was because I wasn't feeling any pain there at all.  The most interesting thing about the session was very unexpected for me.  For all my life I have felt like I lived in a different temperature zone than everyone else.  I'm the guy who is in a t-shirt and shorts while everyone else is bundled up for the cold.  Conversely, when it's hot out I feel like I'm roasting alive.  After my session I felt the December cold.  It was bizarre, but very cool. (Pun intended!). Since most people heat their houses and cars to their comfort level, I have always been uncomfortable.  It's so nice to feel normal, as I assume everyone else to perceive it.  I can't wait for my next session.

- Paul

Chad Allen has been working with me for nearly a year. He has treated both me and my daughter and son. I have no idea how he does what he does but I do know that the effects are profound and sometimes almost unnerving. I find it quite amazing that Chad can diagnose an issue before it has even happened and treat accurately ailments that doctors are unable to even recognize.

- Sara

Being a skeptic at heart, yet trusting Chad, I chose to have a Reconnective Healing® session to deal with a recent trauma to my shoulder, an injury that left my shoulder and arm practically immobile. Through his gentle guidance and reassurance I was able to let go of any expectation and to experience the feeling of the energy. Immediately I felt grounded to the table. I’m not sure if I could have sat up even if I wanted to in that moment. I also noticed  a prickly, tingling sensation; one just above my lip and the other behind my right ear. A feeling like no other I have ever felt was the wave like energy I felt all over my body. It was as if an oscillating fan was blowing, not just on me but through me. The most amazing feeling was that immediately after the healing session I was able to put weight on my arm for the first time in months without any pain! I‘m still not sure how it all works, I just know from personal experience that it does. Thank you for ALL that you do!

- Johnny

Thank you thank you thank you. Without any exaggeration, your Foundation Training class is changing my life. I'm 29 and have had lower back pain off and on for the past ten years. I've gone to physical therapists, acupuncturists and chiropractors - and have heard many diagnosis - short hamstrings, SI irritation, degenerative spine... you name it. It all helps a little but the pain comes back. Nothing has helped as much as Foundation Training. People like me who live in pretty constant physical pain know that it messes with every aspect of your life. Last week I was in almost zero pain for the entire week. In my life - that is pretty much unheard of. I also really appreciate the meditative aspect that you personally bring to the Foundation Training practice, changing your body is as mental as it is physical.

I mean all of it! Honestly, if there is ever anything I can do for you don't hesitate to ask!

- Emily

I started doing Power Plate workouts 2 months ago. I usually only have time to fit one or two 30 minute workouts in each week. I have participated in athletic activities all of my life and have had my share of sports injuries. As I got older, with less time available for activity, my hips, knees and low back began to bother me and become stiff. I tried yoga, stretching, chiropractic and acupuncture to try to alleviate the stiffness and pain. I would get a little relief but when I returned to other physical activities such as hiking or golfing, my muscles would stiffen and my joints would begin to ache. I chalked it up to getting older and continued to work around my limitations.

I tried a Power Plate workout on the advice of a friend who is a Pilates instructor. On my first workout I was shocked at the many weak areas in my hip flexors and hamstrings as I tried to balance while exercising on the Power Plate. However, I also noticed that after each Power Plate work out, I felt less stuff and felt better the following day.

As I continued to do the Power Plate workouts, I became stronger in my core muscles, hip flexors and hamstrings. The stiffness in my muscles began to lessen. I felt better, looked better and was about to return to hiking and golfing without the soreness and stiffness that would follow each activity.

I would recommend Power Plate to anyone of any age. I believe the benefits I have gained through my workouts have changed my life. I am no longer limited and am able to enjoy an active lifestyle free of the stiffness and pain I use to endure.

- Nan

Foundation Training Class

Really liked the feeling of working deeper. - Jennifer


Very informative. Loved the flow and the exercises. - Jason


Challenging because of the subtle variations. - Autumn


I loved it! - Patricia


Thanks for being available to help me calm down my allergies to my building's paint fumes and construction dust in time for my concert at the Colburn School. Having too adverse reactions to allergy drugs, I have resorted to holistic health options for my wellness. That was a miserable week of difficult breathing and I can't imagine what I would do for my singing without your quantum healing sessions.

- Jennifer

I feel stronger, more flexible, and have better balance since training on the Power Plate. Thank you Chad for introducing me to this marvelous technology and guiding me every step of the way in my training. I can't tell you how much I rely on your expertise. You seem to always know how to fix what is ailing me. I know we were both very excited about my latest bone density results. Hopefully, I will have an even better report next year, as my training progresses. Thanks again Chad.

- Beryl